I am glad you found my blog, and hope you will find something on this site that will truly help you. For many years I have struggled with Anxiety-it has been a constant battle to live a fulfilling life while in it’s grasp. I will offer a few coping skills that have worked for me, and invite others to do the same.

Another major obstacle that needs to be overcome is the stigma attached to people with Mental Disorders. The funny looks, the assumptions, even the looks of fear. even threats of violence. The study of mental health still has a long way to go-strides have been made in it’s treatment, but not in it’s perception. I, like many others have lost jobs, and been unemployed for long stretches-friends have been lost that became afraid of me, due to the the attached stigma.

There are groups on social media that are for anxiety sufferers-but most are closed groups where only the posters can read and reply to others and thier issues. I hope that by putting some of my issues out publicly that I may encourage others to do the same. I think true understanding will come by being unafraid to go public with out issues, no matter how bad we think they are. show that people fighting these issues are not eveil, crazy people. Just people with disorders that can function in society. This is a lot to ask, but I believe we can whittle away at the stigma a piece at a time, and eventually it will disappear.

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Yes I agree with you about the stigmas around mental health issues. I too have lost the few friends I had – well, perhaps not lost completely, but the dynamic certainly changed. People are afraid of you – I didn’t realise or understand that at first, but having listened to other people’s experiences I have come to see this. I do wonder why though that people become afraid? After all, if you have a physical ailment, such as a broken limb, people don’t shun you. They want to help. Why is it so hard to help someone with a broken mind?


    1. Marie-I couldn’t have said it better myself. I think we all can make a difference-start working towards the day that a “broken mind” can be discussed as freely as any other ailment or sickness.

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