Facebook Is Not Real Life

I use my Facebook daily, as do millions of others. It is a great way to keep in touch with family, see photos of my children/grandchildren and even get some promising new recipes. Announcing parties, adopting dogs, you name it. What Facebook is not is real life……

We need to be vigilant and process the information with the proverbial grain of salt. The volume of information added daily can skewer our outlook on life. It can shrink our perceptions of the world until we become jaded to the point where we think the world is an evil place, inhabited by soulless individuals who are only out for themselves. Add to this the number of agenda pushing websites or Facebook pages that can post edited, untrue or completely made up posts that want us to think  only what they want us to. It happens in politics-I can remember many posts about the Obama Administration that were completely untrue. One I can remember was a photo of the President reciting the Pledge of Allegiance with the wrong hand on his heart. What someone had done was turn the picture completely around, and posted it. What was really amazing were the amount of people-thousands-who used it as an example to point out his failure. And this is just one of many. And to keep the politics out of my blog here, there have been plenty since the election about President Trump that are either completely false, or have been edited to show something he has done or said that people should be outraged over. Along with politics, many other issues are misrepresented as well. There have been numerous times where a story has flashed across the Net and Facebook that later was retracted, as no one had done the diligence every story needs. Some have hurt people that didn’t deserve it. Remember the security guard at the Atlanta Olympics who was accused of planting a the bomb? The media had him convicted within a day or so. He lost a lot over the perception of him that instantly changed. As you may also remember it was not him. Too late. Perception can become someone’s reality.

All we can do is check the things we see on the internet. Lets get the whole story, find out what is accurate.


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