Sarah Silverman

As written earlier, it is important not to fuel the fires of hate that seem to permeate our social media and news outlets. A perfect example of that was something that comedienne Sarah Silverman tweeted out a few days ago-she sent a picture of what she claimed to be Swastika’s painted in spray-paint on a sidewalk where she was walking. It later turned out to be a symbol that is used in the construction industry to mark where various lines are located, to avoid damaging them when streets, sidewalks, etc. are torn up for replacement. The problem with this is she did not bother to research what the symbols actually were for. No questions were asked, no inquiries made. Her twitter did receive plenty of replies explaining what they were. Ok, everyone makes mistakes, right? So what she did next was tweet out an apology. Well, sort of. While admitting she had made a mistake, she also had to mention how many hate letters she gets weekly just for being Jewish. And then managed to invoke an alleged mistake the President made about Jewish people and the Holocaust, as well as an obscenity laced sentence about “smelly, condescending bleeps” who had the audacity to question her intelligence. Pretty hateful stuff. While she has a right to Tweet anything she wants, her original tweet was helping to spread hate for others. Then she gets mad at those returning it to her? Does that seem hypocritical to anyone else? Are we not responsible for what we put out on the Internet? I do not know who originally made this comment, but “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen”

It may be more important for celebrities to do their due diligence, as they are constantly around microphones and have tweets that spread to millions of people instantly. It seems to me we have enough White vs Black, Christians vs Muslims, Republicans vs Democrats. What if they drew a line in the sand, and decide that they would stop the divisiveness their posts create, and try understanding the other side? Not try to get things on the internet as soon as possible without research? We have spent two many years trying to force everyone to believe “our side”, and ridicule the other. Has that worked?

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