I had a job interview last Monday with a local company that I had sent my resume in to a few times. They had brought me in about 6 months ago 3 separate times for interviews, the third one wound up a face to face with the Plant Manager-he brought me in to tell me personally that the position was going to someone who would be promoted from within. He was very impressed with my background and assured me that if the position were to open again I would be given strong consideration. I of course thanked him at the time and told him if the position were to open up again I would be very interested ( This company is within walking distance from my house, and is a perfect fit for my background. )

I received a phone call from him late last week, asking if I was still interested in the position-Yes Sir! I sent him an updated resume on Friday, and made the interview appointment. I was very excited-almost giddy-this is an opportunity I have wanted for a long time and was brimming with confidence I would again make a good impression. How could I go wrong? He loved my experience and background before, and I had added to it since.

I walked in to the main office and told the receptionist that I was here for an employment interview. Expecting to see the Manager, I was surprised to see the HR Supervisor greet me. As we walked to her office we discussed a little about the company’s history and the product. We reached her office and say down. She asked me a few questions about my work history, what kind of software I have used, etc. The standard things that an HR person would want to know. We then discussed the available benefits and pay rate. After the Q and A session I asked her what the next step in the process would be, expecting to be told the usual ” We will be interviewing the rest of the week, then if you are chosen we will bring you in for the second interview.” Except that didn’t happen. She handed me an address of a local clinic and asked if I wouldn’t mind going for a drug test, and fill out paperwork for a background check. ” Would I? Of course! ” I was excited, the job I had been trying to get for a long time seemed to be just a formality, based on the testing. I mentioned I was supposed to see the Manager, but she told me he was out of town for a few days at a convention, and that he had already interviewed me and liked me a lot. I took the time as soon as I got outside to leave him a personal voicemail expressing my disappointment in not being able to talk to him again, but would be available at any point if he still had any questions for me. I jumped in the car and headed for the clinic.

The next few days took forever to end, but I finally received a call from the Manager. He told me that I was no longer being considered for the job. I was absolutely crushed. He offered no other explanation, nothing. I found out later from the HR person at my current company ( they knew about my trying for this job-I was only a contract worker with my current job ) that they were scared off by my background. My background? What  part of my background? I was confused. She offered that they had called and asked me about the medications I was taking-if they were aware of it and if it ever interfered with my work. I am not sure if that was even legal what they had asked, but she wasn’t sure. It bothered me that the Manager did not give me a chance to answer any concerns that might have with my ” background “. I did not receive the job due to my condition, I guess. That hurts.



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