Rock n Roll

                          Just watched the first episode of a show called Sun Records, on CMT.

                         Like a lot of my peers, music has been a huge part of my life. Also like many others, certain songs bring back certain memories. But memories were not the only outlet where  my music choices were manifest. It was a way to control my emotions-anger would trigger a more aggressive playlist than being mellow. If I felt anger, the best way for me to calm down would be listening to music that expressed the same. My anger would be intertwined with the lyrics I sang, and would help in diffusing my state of mind. It also could help me achieve any emotion I wanted to be in. Lets say I was stressed at work, and on the way home needed to unwind. I knew exactly what to put in the CD player. Although occasionally I listened to things other than R & R I found that Rock had so many different influences, and borrowed from so many different areas that I could always find something that worked, no matter what mood I was in or wanted to be.

                           There have been many movies about the early days of Rock n Roll, most of them character heavy depending on who the star of the movie was. Some were very good. But few of them really touched on how Rock and Roll came about, the behind the scene people, record producers, DJ’s etc. that tirelessly worked to grow and cultivate the sound-or more appropriately the genre. They believed in what they were doing-while certainly they wanted to make a good living it was not the dominant factor. Few of those movies examined the influences for this new music-most treated it like it just came about with this performer, or that one. The real story is so much more. A token reference to the “early days” that would last for the first 20 minutes or so of the movie, and then take off following the career of whoever the movie was about. This show so far is doing it right. It is giving the homage to the Blues, R&B and even Gospel as the things that made it happen. For example great performers like B.B. King, Fats Domino and Muddy Waters were the bridge from the blues to R&R, as well as many others. The same for Gospel-it was a tremendous influence to the young performers of that time. Most of them came from deeply religious backgrounds. What makes Rock great is the ability to take little bits and pieces from everything and mold them to their own particular styles. Without them, Rock n Roll may not exist. I truly hope this show follows what they started and stays focused on the people who tirelessly worked behind the scenes, and not just the stars out front.

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