So Long Comfort Zone

This woman has a gift

Braver Than Before

The following excerpt is taken from an email I wrote to Ryan on January 9th, 2008:

I’m so unbelievably out of my comfort zone.

A while ago I wrote a tune called “Seasons” that discussed the cyclical nature of my eating disorder (and my life), and my dependence on that cycle. Even though I had an innate desire to break free of the destructive pattern that governed my life, I was incapable of doing so because I had become so reliant on the ebb and flow of these “seasons.” 

On the other hand, I’ve kicked a lot of habits in my life. I’ve given up addictions, I’ve broken off dangerous relationships, I’ve up and quit a flourishing career because it was sucking the life from me. I know how to overcome. I have known when to say “enough is enough,” and move on. So this should be second nature by now. And in a sense, I guess, it…

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